Friday, June 20, 2014

A Sneak Preview of the Summer 2014 Issue: A Leisurely Litha to You!

(We're working our butts off to get the next issue of The Grind together! It'll be ready soon, but until then, here's a delightful sample of what's to come, thanks to the wise and helpful Kat Callen. This article will be in the upcoming issue, as well as another of her contributions. Happy Solstice!)

21st of June 2014 - Leisurely Litha to You

Litha, or the Summer Solstice, has arrived. The Sun has reached the peak of power.  As our Earth Mother lounges lackadaisically in the heat, soaking up as much warmth as possible on this longest day of the year, She takes Her fill of the light. When She combines this with the frenzy of sacred play initiated at Beltane, She becomes sultry and swollen, increasing in lushness, moving towards the ripeness of Lammas and the abundance She provides.

Traditionally the young and young-at-heart leapt over the flames of the bonfire on Litha to ensure a plentiful harvest. The wise old womyn claimed “the higher the leaps, the taller the crops.” Naturally the leapers exerted themselves fully for the benefit of the crops and the village.
The Sun enters the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer today. But do not let the Water dampen the celebration for, being ruled by the Moon, it feeds our cultural roots. We can go with the flow as it nudges us to be receptive, increases our patience and intuitiveness, fosters our sensitivity and nurturing abilities, and frees our imaginations to soar to new heights.

As with last year’s Litha, we are being called home. To be with our families, both blood relations and the kindred spirits that we embrace as our tribe. To be with them, if not physically then in thought and spirit. Water can help us on this journey. We can water our gardens, our own ancestral roots, and our hopes and dreams. The nourishing water will hasten the growth and ripening of many things - feeding our heart, mind, body, and soul. While in the glow of the shimmering summer, we can dance and sing and laugh. We can make plans for actions that will allow us to create a vibrant and cooperative world where we can all be safe and happy and free. Then, come tomorrow, we will be prepared to leap into the waxing Dark as the Light is slowly overcome with the turning of the Great Wheel of Life.

The Moon sets the emotional tone as She transits through the zodiac signs, changing signs approximately every two and a half days. For Litha, the Moon is void-of-course most of the day until She moves into the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus at 22:03 CST. Void-of-course motion is when the Moon reaches near the end degrees of the zodiac sign that She has been traveling through. When the Moon makes Her last aspect, or energy connection, with another planet the void-of-course motion begins. This period of time is best for pondering and reflecting, for subjective avenues of involvement. It is best to avoid making major decisions, shopping, signing contracts and the like. Keeping this in mind you may be able to avoid difficult outcomes. Expect the unexpected.

The actual meaning of void-of-course is “nothing will come of it.” The Moon takes a break, allowing nourishment and revitalization to occur, before the energy changes and She moves along to the next zodiac sign. This can be likened to the actual shifting of gears in a vehicle. There is a period of time when the gears must move through neutral in the transition. The energy is not as grounded and centered at this time so those who are normally a bit on the spacey side may have a tendency to get ‘lost,’ and find themselves losing track of time and space.

As the Moon takes a break in her daily ruling of the planets, take a ‘time-out’ period for yourself. Just go with the flow to avoid frustrations, wasted time and effort, delays, and problems later on. You can certainly think things through and weigh your options on upcoming important tasks and events, just avoid making actual decisions or actively beginning projects. Relaxation and fun can be maximized. No doubt, you too will be rejuvenated to the point of exhilaration.

A mere two hours before midnight CST, the Moon enters the fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Then it is back to the senses as we are once again grounded. It is easier to sink into the moment, be in the body, and enjoy the delights of the five senses. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which is the slow mover in the zodiac, allowing us the opportunity to savour everything thoroughly. Whatever you choose to do – whether that be dance and truly feel the groove of the music, languish in the Sun, run barefoot through the grass, practice a craft or hobby, share frolicsome intimacy in a cozy atmosphere, partake of a tasty meal, deal with practical matters, spend time in a studio with your musical instrument, or relax with an afternoon siesta – rest assured Taurus will insist that you draw out the enjoyment.

Since Taurus is a fixed sign, the grounding nature helps us to be focused. Our capacity to go at something fully, to really flesh it out, is heightened. Beginning a new project, experimenting with new ways of doing things, immersing yourself in learning, or stretching your body and your mind will all go favourably while the Moon is in Taurus.

As I bid you a Leisurely Litha, ponder this point on pronouncing the word leisure. Although it does not roll off the tongue quite as lusciously, try to pronounce it this way – lezh-er, rather than the more common lee-zher. Remember that lee-zher rhymes with seizure, but lezh-er rhymes with pleasure.

Go well as we move slowly into the Dark.

~ Kat

Thursday, May 15, 2014

T-shirts are now for sale!!!

You can now buy Country Grind t-shirts and t-shirt/subscription combos right here!! We are currently low on stock in some sizes, but are about to make another shirt order (which will include ladies sizes). If we are out of stock of your size we will ship your shirt as soon as we get more made (no more than a couple weeks).

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Moving Forward. Important information about continuing to receive The Country Grind.

Hey folks, Gretchen here, we’ve got some big news for y'all. The Country Grind has grown beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I never thought we'd ever need to print more than 200 copies and here we just printed 1000 copies of issue #2 and the word is still spreading. The workload itself has become so great that I had to get help from my friends and now we are a six member collective running the show.

While this is great for us, and for you, our financial burden grows with every subscriber. In Canada we just had a huge increase in postage prices that cost us hundreds of dollars more in shipping costs. (Printing and shipping costs for issue #2 are already over $1,500.) With this and our huge increase in subscribers we are no longer able to offer The Country Grind Quarterly for free. Starting with our next issue (#3) we will be charging a small fee to rural punks. This fee is only covering our costs of printing and shipping The Grind.

We know that with the Indiegogo fundraiser we said that because we reached our goal we would make the next two issues free, and we are very sad to say that we cannot keep our promise. When we started the fundraiser we hadn’t yet sold out of issue #1 so we were still thinking that 500 copies would be enough for the next two issues. But we have come up with a plan for those of you who did donate to our campaign.

If you donated anything, even a dollar, to our Indiegogo fundraiser this past winter we will send you a free copy of our 3rd issue, if you donated $25 or more we will sign you up for a free one year subscription of The Country Grind, and if you were one of the five amazing folks who donated $100 or more you unknowingly bought yourself a lifetime subscription!!

And of course, if you have already bought a subscription nothing will change for you. You will continue to receive The Grind until your subscription runs out.

Our new pricing is as follows:

Rural Punks (Canada and USA):
One issue - $4ppd
1 year subscription - $12ppd

City Punks (Canada and USA):
1 year subscription - $18ppd

International Punks
One issue - $7 ppd
1 year subscription $25ppd

+Add a t-shirt, patch and sticker to a subscription for $10 (plus shipping)

(ppd=postage paid/we pay postage)
You can buy a copy or subscription of The Grind on our website at

We have also set up an Etsy store at where you can buy individual issues, subscriptions, as well as t-shirts, stickers, and patches.

If you want to avoid the internet you can always mail us cheques, money orders, or concealed cash to:

The Country Grind
Box 266
Ochre River, MB R0L 1K0

Make checks and MOs to: Gretchen Bonegardener

Also, one last thing while I have your attention. We’ve tried to get this message out to everyone who might want to know about this stuff, and we apologise if you didn’t want to receive this email. (If you don’t want to receive any more emails from us, you don’t need to do anything; this email list is confidential and temporary).  If you do want to be informed of important notices with The Grind (like this) you can join our email list here (we’ll try to never have more than one email a month):

Thank you for your time and your understanding. The Country Grind has turned into an amazing project and I’m so excited to be a part of it. It’s really nice to see so many people as excited about this as I am!

Up The Fucking Rural Punks!!

Collective member, editor, founder
The Country Grind

Saturday, April 12, 2014

CG Swag

Ok, so country Grind t-shirts are very close to reality. We have silkscreens and blank t-shirts ready to go. We're just waiting on a fresh batch of Photo Emulsion to show up to burn the screen. Our two t-shirt designs are the new Country Grind logo and the Grind The Enemy design, both drawn by Dylan of Quadra Island, BC.

We're also making more patch designs. Aside from both of the above designs available as backpatches, we'll also be offering three smaller patch designs. A different version of Grind The Enemy and the Now That's Country design by Dylan and a different CG logo by Isaac Roylos.

We also have stickers available!!! We currently have stickers of Isaac's design that we made for the Indiegogo campaign. With some of Dylan's designs on the way in sticky form. We are currently making an Etsy store to sell our swag. We'll let you know when it all gets set up.

If you'd like to draw for The Grind we'd love to talk. All submitted artwork that falls within our guidelines will be published in the paper. Drop us a line at

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We need your help!!!

If you've got web design experience and have been thinking about how you could contribute in a meaningful way to The Grind, we are in need of your help!

We've been wanting to update our website for awhile now, but it hasn't really happened.

If you are into the idea, you can send us a message over at

Feel free to share this! We need to do some spring cleaning!

Friday, March 28, 2014

T-shirt design done.

Got this from Dylan late last night.  So fuckin' stoked!!!

The bottom two drawing are going to be made into stickers and patches, the top drawing is the t-shirt design! Dylan is an insanely brilliant artist, I'm sure you can now see why we specifically asked him to draw our t-shirt design, and why we knew it was well worth the wait.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fundraiser a sucess!!

Hey y'all we have been so busy with getting issue #2 together that we haven't had time to properly say thank you for the amazingly successful Indiegogo campaign.

Here is a repost of what I (Gretchen) sent to all those who supported the campaign:

Hey all!! thank you so much!!! I'm still in shock of how well we did! I am so grateful!!

This guarantees that The Grind will be free for the next two issues!! Celeste and I have been slaving over our computers for the past few days (barf!) getting the next issue ready for print. (yay!)

For me personally, the money raised is a distant second to the simple fact that The Country Grind is a project you support, and you are willing to show your support when we need it. It's a lot more meaningful than just clicking "like" on Facebook. That for me is huge! It makes it worth all the money I've poured into this project, all the stress and anxiety I put myself through, and all time I have to spend on the computer when I'd rather be outside with my dog, howling at the moon. Because not only do all you rural punks apprecate this project, you are willing to put some effort into seeing it move forward!

I'd also like to thank everyone who put their time and energy to this fundraiser. First off a big thank you to Eliot for setting this all up, because it was beyond my scope of knowledge. And a thank you and an epic hi-five to Haybale Mike for writing and performing the Country Grind Diddy (look for chords and lyrics in the next issue).

As for awesome folks who donated perks; Thanks to Celeste Inez Mathilda for doing all the silk screening. Isaac Roylos for drawing both the sticker and patch designs. Cat Meow for buying all the stickers. Shauna and Ian for donating the feather earrings, hide stretchers, and their two pygmy goats. Mike and Rachel for donating their CD's and Rach for her Rabbit hides. Dylan for drawing the t-shirt design, which will be ready very shortly and will surely blow our minds. And last but certainly not least thank you to the beautiful and charming SLug for her herbal tea concoctions.

In closing I just want to say thank you again from the whole Country Grind collective and a big personal thank you from me; I never though when I started sharing my idea of a rural punx magazine that it would become so huge. Knowing how much you all care about this is the most rewarding part of this whole paper.

Up the Rural Punks!!!!!