This is the website for an epic newspaper written by and for rural punks.

The Country Grind Quarterly is a smokin' new magazine for the epically badass rural punks, back to the land skids, backwoods anarchists, etc! It's specifically for those folks who have ran away from the cities in search of a simpler, saner, and more fulfilling life. All content is written by fellow rural punks and is intended for a rural punk audience. Whether you live in a small town, deep in the bush, on a farm in the prairies, or tucked away in the mountains. Whether you're on grid or off. A vegan gardener or a hunter/trapper. You're a lone wolf or you've got a spouse and kids. As long as you're a punk and you don't live in a city, this magazine is for you.

New Store Up and Running!

Holy shit!!! The Country Grind has a new webstore!!! We have T-SHIRTS back up for sale and we finally got our shit together and are now selling BACK ISSUES!! Buy some crap and support The Country Grind, no one makes any money on this project, all cash just goes to keeping the magazine going. A quick note on prices, The… Read more →

Re: Rural Punx Gathering

So we have clearly been having a rough go the last little bit at the grind. Thing are working out and we are trying to find our footing again but it takes a lot of work and dedication from everyone involved. At this time all of our focus has to be on continuing the publication and that is why we… Read more →

Spring Issue Cancelled; Summer Issue in the Works

Dear The Punx, As you know the Country Grind is 100% volunteer run and sometimes life gets hectic, capitalism sucks you dry and we must shift our priorities to meet our personal needs. Despite our commitment to the Grind sometimes it has to be put on the back burner. Unfortunately due to this, the spring 2015 issue of the grind… Read more →