Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh God, What Have I Done!!!

Ok, I just got the kind folks at Profane Existence to post another call out for the first issue of The Country Grind and our Indiegogo fundraiser. It was posted about 40 minutes ago and I've already gotten 5 emails about it and it's been reposted on facebook 38 times. That's like once every minute!

This is awesome news for The Grind, because we're still trying to get ourselves out there, but this means a fuck of a lot of work for me for the next week or so. And this is not exactly the best time for me. Tomorrow I'm taking my written test for my class 1 drivers license (yes, these crazy fools are going to allow me to drive a semi, legally) Friday I have an electrical exam, Monday I have a hydraulics exam , and later next week I have a drafting exam.

So basically I'm saying that I'm expecting to get swamped with emails in the next little bit, and it may take me a little while to sift through them all, so just bare with me. I want to sign everyone up and answer everyone's questions, but it may take me a a few days to respond. We'll see.